December 12, 2008

Beijing, China

Little did I know on my way to Beijing that, when I arrived, I would experience a resurrection of my fun New York City life, but in an ancient Chinese style. I was fortunate to be directed to a great hostel located within walking distance from Tiananmen Square, which attracts an older crowd, where I immediately met two well-matched friends with whom I formed an ancient Chinese gang. Joseph, who was born in Brazil and raised in Germany, had just finished a semester of graduate design studies in Hong Kong and was in Beijing to look at some internships and Fang, who was born in Taiwan, had just moved to the city after a 13 year stint in New York that had her drawing the same conclusions as me; New York is tiring.
Beijing seems to have an invisible net around her, which, if you are lucky to get caught for a while, she will show you the intriguing dichotomy under which she operates; there is a flourishing capitalist economy governed by a communist party, ancient Chinese temples are surrounded by highways and modern, high-rise buildings, while local noodle shops that fill you up for 75 cents are neighbor to sleek western establishments that can charge you 75 cents a minute just for looking at the New York priced menu. This city has a constant feeling of excitement, and exploring it with a great group of friends, especially a few who speak Chinese, can keep you running around until the wee hours of the morning.

So what is there to do in Beijing you ask?

1. Throw the word “ancient” before anything Chinese – it just sounds better.
Example: “Let’s meet for an ancient Chinese dinner.” Or “Excuse me, do you know where I can find an ancient Chinese pharmacy?” And perhaps, “Wow, that ancient Chinese eight dollar, full hour massage-(ey) you just gave me was fantastic. Thanks.”

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