December 12, 2008

3. Rent a bicycle and ride through the city wearing an ancient Chinese pollution mask.
One of the best ways to explore Beijing is on the seat of a bicycle. At first it looks intimidating as they rival Amsterdam in bell-ringing bike culture, but once you start riding, you see that there are wide bike lanes and no rules, so if your not afraid of peddling alongside a portion of 1.2 billion people who in my estimation are, well…. perhaps not the best drivers in the world, then you and your pollution mask should have a great time.
It’s fun to ride through some of the existing Hutongs, which are the small alleyways characteristic of Beijing that have connected living quarters and local shops and restaurants.

4. Invent phlegm, Release phlegm, Dodge phlegm and Step-on a whole lotta phlegm.
The first experience you are most likely to have in China is either getting hit by a flying wad of phlegm or at least taking note of how often, and with how much gusto, the people around you are spitting on the streets. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone: men, women and children alike. It’s nice to be able to join in on an ancient Chinese pastime, so if you are feeling phlegm-less, then suck in a nice big gulp of pollution, wait a minute and release a juicy ball of flying phlegm just like the locals.

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