April 1, 2008

Giza Pyramids

Surprisingly close to the city of Giza, if done right you will have an amazing experience. The first time I went with Chris and Kenny we hired a guide to take us through the back route by camel to avoid the crowded buses and roads. Chris also heard from a friend that going inside the pyramids is over-hyped and claustrophobic as all the items found in the tombs are in the museum. For all the pictures I have seen of the pyramids, there is nothing quite like turning a bend of sand dunes on a camel and have them stretched out before you - it truly is a "holy shit" moment. Our guide took us through "closed" funerary chambers - places where they prepared and mourned the bodies of the kings in underground tunnels and caves. We were the only people wandering through, seeing, none other than you guessed it, original hieroglyphs on the walls and a real sarcophogus in a cave which gave the effect of an Egyptian Blair Witch moment. All the pyramids have had their outside stone stolen to build mosques and other buildings, so what remains is the underlying infrastructure. You can have imagined what these three massive pyramids woud have looked like gleaming in a polished white alabaster in the middle of a khaki desert thousands of years ago. The best time to try to emulate that effect is to go at sunset and squint your eyes.

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Anonymous said...

i have always wanted to visit the pyramids. your descriptions are what i have imagined for that time. thanks for sharing!


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