April 28, 2008

Fun with Ruins Alone (Baalbeck, Lebanon)

People ask me if I ever get bored or lonely seeing all these great countries and sights by myself. The truth is that I have met so many wonderful friends along the way to pal around with that I am rarely alone. But for the times that I am, I have come up with some fun games I amusingly play all by myself. And you can too! This is how to have Fun at Ruins Alone.
The game is called “Beat the Camera Timer”. It requires only you and your camera equipped with a self-timer.
Step 1. Scout out a location that inspires a stupid picture idea, preferably something athletically-timer-challenged. (note really big base of column above)
Step 2. Position camera and give her a test run (idea was to fill in as the column – trouble was making it into position by the time it clicked).
Step 3. Feel really satisfied when you “Beat the Camera Timer” (notice look of joy as I made it into column position).

1 comment:

sand said...

You TOTALLY crack me up Mz A. xo Sand


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