May 25, 2009

Narrowly escape a zombie invasion in Jedi-Oguz

There stands an old sanatorium in Jedi-Oguz, which was built in the thirties and is famed for providing rest and relaxation to Yuri Gagarin after he made the first mission into space. We heard this place was still open, and so, looking forward to sleeping under a roof of history while a strong Russian masseuse kneaded our backs, we made our way. Stepping out of the taxi onto the dirt road of the desolate town was like stepping onto the pages of a Stephen King novel. There was an eerie emptiness as we approached the crumbling entrance of the sanatorium and once inside, the halls felt angular, cold and communist. After some time, Norman Bates’ Russian girlfriend showed up with a demeanor that was outwardly cheerful, but we weren’t fooled and knew quickly that she was really about to suffocate us with our backpacks in a dimly lit shower stall in the basement. As she led us through shadowed hallways to empty rooms, it was clear that tourists arrive, but they never leave.
With paranoia nipping at our heels, we made a family decision to go back to the comforts of the guesthouse in Karakol, but no sooner had we made this plan an old man with promises of a hotel appeared. Falling under his strange spell, we decided to have a look and were led to a big, concrete building where electric outlets were blown up, stairs were angled not upwards toward heaven but downwards toward hell and the air was damp with creepiness. Convinced that soon zombie’s from Russian nuclear experiments gone wrong would start to descend from the red rocked mountains surrounding us, we quickly ran out and rushed back to the safety of Karakol.

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