March 18, 2009

Taking the Buddha's Words to Heart

After a month in Burma, Mister Buddha really started to make an impact. Watching in the mornings as the monks would walk the streets in their robes, barefoot, with only a small bowl for rice donations, I started thinking...if they can do, I can do it.
When I got back to China, I simplified my life. I extracted the bare minimum, threw my vain attachments (eyeshadow, nail polish) in the communal box at the hostel and left my big backpack by the side of the road.
While I have a little more than a robe and bowl of rice, I did manage to let go of a lot of things I thought I couldn't live without. And the more I live without them, the more I realize I don't miss them. And the more I don't miss these things, the happier I am. See how that works?

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jessica said...

can you fit a fozzy in there? she wants a brother...


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