March 18, 2009

Daily Delicacy - Dali, China

Eating in China is certainly one of the highlights of a visit here. From bugs on a stick to hot pots to street barbecues to peking duck, this country will keep your taste buds on their toes.
When I arrived in Dali, I passed restaurants with an amazing assortment of fresh vegetables outside. I went to the first place which was right across the street from the major tourist gate of the Old City, but they didn't have a menu and when I charaded food going into my mouth, the two girls starting giggling wildly and then they ran off and hid in the kitchen.
So, I went next door, where they seemed to have gotten their hands on a copy of
Business for Dummies and they were prepared with an english menu. I ordered braised assorted vegetables and got a piping hot plate of spinach, watercress and some other leafy green I couldn't identify. It was a great lunch and a great way to recharge the system with vitamins.

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