March 18, 2008

Cairo, Egypt

Ahan Wa Sahlan! (Hello and Welcome)
I arrived safely in Cairo yesterday after a really long but friendly flight. I met a great group on their way to Sudan to film/photograph for a documentary and was seated next to a woman from the Bahamas and an Iranian man who ordered fish instead of chicken for the in-flight meal. The flight attendant told him she would give him chicken if their was left overs and when she came back later he told her "don't worry, I do not want it anymore", to which she replied"I worry, I worry very hard for this, I worry for you without chicken." And that was my first introduction to the hospitality of the Egyptian people.
I began my crush on Cairo the moment I stepped off the plane and took in the dusty, dry air. A taxi ride to the hotel showed a city that despite it's Pharaonic opulence was elegantly understated; long, wide, tree-lined streets with old and new buildings standing together with Mosques, palaces and parks sprinkled in. We are staying in an area called Zamalak - and east village type neighborhood on the banks of the Nile that is home to a bunch of impressive, compounded foreign embassies and a super groovy modern candlelit dinner club right on the water where we dined on Arabic food and smoked apple sheesha. Today we are headed for the Egyptian museum and the Grand Bazaar.


Cowgirl said...

Miss Andriana! So good to see you out and about in your new world....

Tim is so excited to meet you tomorrow, though he can't seem to get through on your phone...can you give him a call at 646.207.2277? Or email the name of the hotel where he should meet you??

Big HUGS!!!! Much love to you for your travels!!

Sarah said...

Hey Girl,
Those numbers 800 & otherwise are not working for us. Check in asap so we know where you are staying and we can send Tim your direction.


ZaZa' said...

I am so happy to see you've made it safely, I can only imagine how much fun you're having. I wish I was sitting with you in that candle lit dinner club, instead of being here in a stuffy law firm over looking a cold and windy NYC. I just keep thinking of Dr. Seuss and Oh, the Places You'll Go! That book is written about you. I'm completely excited for you and look forward to reading more about your adventures on your blog! So keep them coming!


jess said...

it sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

Andriana -
Your adventures look so wonderful. What a great experience this must be. Not many people get to see much of the world. Keep the good reporting up. This is cool!


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