June 11, 2009

What if Porcelain became the New Gold?

With all the shiny, yellow smiles flashing around Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan I started to wonder if it was actually possible to affect the global price of gold if the populations of Central Asia suddenly jumped on the porcelain party train and launched a mining expedition in their mouths.
I posed this question to my superstar gold and silver analyst brother, but he has been so busy writing eloquent essay's on more intellectual speculations of the commodity for a blogging contest, that I am still waiting for the answer to this one. When he formulates his hypothesis I will be sure to post it here.
Until then, get answers to more relevant questions about gold on the website soyouthinkyoucanrant.com. And don't forget, it's a contest, so if you like and agree with John's spot on predictions then place your vote for him!

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