April 17, 2009

Emei Shan, China

Since it was clear that the Buddha was hot on my trail, I decided to honor my latest involuntary offering of possessions with a trip to Emei Shan, one of China’s holiest Buddhist mountains. The monastery’s there also used to be famous centers for martial arts and I thought it might be a good place to strike a deal with Buddha; if you are going to keep lightening my load, then you should bestow me with some Kick Ass Kung Fu Energy so I can at least feel like I had a fighting chance.
After the last robbery what I really needed was retail therapy or a day at the spa, but I chose instead to walk straight up steps for nine hours, get attacked by monkeys, sleep in a broom closet and brave a snowstorm without a jacket. It seems as though the thieves not only stole my possessions, but my intelligence as well.

1 comment:

jess said...

uh oh.. are you turning into the guy from 'into the wild?'..i think it's time to come home.


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