October 31, 2008

Disappearing Act Into the Mongolian Outback

As I sit here in my hostel bedroom wearing the sheepskin boots I have just been given for my two week journey into the magical lands of Genghis Khan and the Mongols, traveling South to the Gobi desert and then into Central Mongolia, I am a bit concerned about the immense warmth radiating from my feet. Why are these boots so warm? Is it because the weather will actually be that cold? I think the answer is yes. Whose bright idea was it to come to Mongolia in the wintertime anyway?
This will be the first time on my trip I will truly be off the grid; no phone, no internet, no electricity. Just a jeep, some camels, some horses, a driver, a guide, local nomadic host families living in yurts, two French, Two Canadians, a Dutch, and Me, the American with the big, warm feet and the red nose. If I don't get inspired to conquer China and parts of Russia while out on the plains, then I will be posting the details of this journey in about three weeks....
(wish me luck!)


sand said...

OBAMA IS THE NEW PRESIDENT ELECT!!!! I bet you will hear about this even in the furthest reaches of Mongolia. Let us know what you hear! So unbelievably exciting. I know we will all suffer post-partum after birthing this new day for the USA but for now, it is intoxicating. And, of course, now the hard work begins of reclaiming our national identity. xo Sand

jess said...

please call as soon as your big feet and red nose return from the desert. i am growing slightly worried. tried to call you. xo


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