July 25, 2008

Kotor and Secret Location X, Montenegro

With a desire for less people and more sights to see, I took my friend’s suggestion to head out of Budva for the day and visit the quieter and quainter town of Kotor; a half hour bus ride on the coast and through the mountains. Getting out of the station, my first sight was of an old stone wall descending impressively almost straight down a mountain that houses on it’s peak a fortress from the 15th century. At the base of the mountain there is the Bay of Kotor and the Old City, which is much larger and more impressive than the one in Budva, with old stone walls enclosing a maze of old streets, peppered with churches, stores, cafes and inhabited houses with beautiful doors and hanging laundry.
I was told to take the local bus out of town and head to a small village on the coast for lunch, and when I got to the entrance road of this paradise I immediately fell in love with one of the most undiscovered and tranquil locations I have found on my trip so far. I have decided to call this town Secret Location X so that it remains an unspoiled little sliver of holiday retreat where one can spend all day gazing at the majestic, sunlit mountains framing the sparkling water while sipping a beer at a tiny beach café with local Montenegrins. If I had more time and the bus schedule was different, I would have parked myself there for much longer than just an afternoon, but now that I know it exists, I know I can always go back provided I don’t get thwarted by my own ruse to keep it secret and forget where it is.

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